Motivational Monday: The Right Fit

Let’s talk about BRAS.

See how I jumped right into it? Like flinging myself into a cold swimming pool…or plucking that unsightly hair on my belly. You just gotta DO IT.

I know it’s kind of an uncomfortable topic for some, but I just watched a really helpful youtube video by Jen (a Korean designer who posts makeup/hair/fashion tutorials on her channel called From Head to Toe). In one particular video she talks about how most women do NOT wear the correct bra size and I realized just how guilty I am of this.

Hi, my name’s Angella and I’m an incorrect-bra-size-wearer.

I’ve noticed that petite women in particular have an even harder time finding the right bra size because let’s be honest….there’s not a ton of (cute) 30-34 A sizes out there (I’m not petite btw…maybe up there but the rest of my body is pretty average. I noticed my face is starting to look more and more like my fat ap photo and that disturbs me). Even Victoria’s Secret is generous with their cup sizes (we don’t ALL have the pearly treasures to fill those clams folks!) But fear not little ones (pun intended). There’s a brand called The Little Bra Company that believes “good things do come in small packages®.”

Basically, Emily Lau (founder of this company) figured out a way to design intimate apparel that fits petite women without looking like training bras. My favorite question from the FAQs page: Can an A-cup actually get cleavage with The Little Bra Company™?

“I find that smaller-breasted women often resign to wearing camisole bras or nothing at all. When I fit some A-customers, they tell me they didn’t even know that they could wear a lacy bra. They’d rather not bring attention to what they didn’t have. Nor did they think they could even wear a padded bra. They just assumed that they have nothing to push up, so why try. Since my bras are fitted for their specific body-type, the padding does its job properly…giving them a comfortable fit and a bit of cleavage too!”

Well by golly. There’s hope for some of us yet. I especially love the idea of this brand because it offers sizes as small as 28! Some simple rules to remember when bra fitting according to Jen’s video:

1) When you pull the elastic band away from your back, it should NOT stretch very far. Only 2-3 finger widths at most otherwise it means the fit is too wide. You might’ve thought you were a 32, but you could really be a 28 (especially if you’ve had your bra on the tightest clasp this whole time).

2) Make sure the elastic straps on your shoulders and around your rib cage are not too tight. I.e. if you start seeing fatty rolls spilling over the edge or elastic marks on your shoulders, that might be a sign to increase the fit. Straps should only rest on your skin and the bra itself should do all the lifting work.

3) You might’ve thought you were an A cup this whole time, but you could be a B or even a C! It’s not a matter of saying “Whoa look, I’m bigger and better than I thought I was!” but most women honestly wear the wrong bra size so this affects the cups too. I found this page to be very helpful in determining my right size (P.S. if you’re using your husband’s yellow measuring tape…be warned. It’s COLD).

I’m excited about giving this new brand a try. Again, I know this entry’s super random but this stuff is important! Women don’t talk about it enough and I’m getting kind of sick of my ugly granny bras that kinda-sorta-fit-but-not-really. I think small-breasted women deserve to feel great about themselves and it all starts with finding the right fit. My motto: I’d rather be small and true than hugely tacky.

Edit: And just so we’re clear about that last line, I meant fake boobs are tacky. Not big boobs.


3 thoughts on “Motivational Monday: The Right Fit

  1. Hilarious story! I have found myself in almost the same situation. My Husband is used to these calls of mine though. In fact, when I read him your blog entry, he asked me “Wait a minute, is this you?” He is also from the Seattle area. :)

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