Tandoori Resurrected

I never thought I’d say this. Ben and I actually found a Tandoori replacement that not only satisfies our Indian cravings but our Vegetarian lifestyle (Tandoori Oven was the best tasting Indian restaurant back when we lived in Logan, UT). I say “was” because…well…Renton’s Pabla Indian Cuisine is, in fact, BETTER than Tandoori in my humble opinion.

There! I said it! Oh the blasphemy…I’m waiting for clouds to part and zap me between the eyes.

The medium-spicy mushroom masala dish I ordered was about 15% more flavorful than what I’m used to, and the naan was SO much thicker (though smaller in circumference). Just when I thought nothing could top our savory entree, I ordered the most divine…NAY…ambrosial cup of Kheer that literally made me smile and close my eyes with every slurp (FYI- Kheer is an Indian rice pudding made with coconut milk, raisins and nuts). Of course my picture doesn’t do it justice, of course! This was my zone…I was IN the zone and my tongue was on a roller coaster ride. Also, over half the menu at Pabla is pure vegetarian (and Kosher certified I believe).

Also, I’ve noticed two key features that Indian restaurants always have:

1) Every table has a tiny vase holding artificial flowers. Who knows how long they’ve been collecting dust.

2) There’s always a painting of a beautiful, seductive woman hanging on the wall. Watching you eat as she reads into your SOUL.

Without these two ingredients, I feel as though my Indian-cuisine experience would not be complete :)


5 thoughts on “Tandoori Resurrected

  1. Missy says:

    I can’t decide if this post has made me jealous, or hungry.

  2. Haha, both! While I was proofreading it, I got hungry. I think Indian food is the most dangerous dish of all because your taste buds are never satisfied – you just want MORE. I love Italian and Korean food, but Indian will always have a special place in my heart *breaks out in Bollywood dance moves*

  3. Wendy says:

    I think it looks delicious! And the kheer looks great! Maybe whenever we get to come visit you guys we can go there to eat! :-)

  4. Melisma says:

    This is perfect. Haha.

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