Fabulous February

So this month is turning out to be flipping fabulous. A list of things that I’m currently digging:

1) I love my job. I forgot how much I missed working in a creative environment with other humans (JJC!) Most of all, I love the people I work with. They are funny, brilliant, young, and say it like it is. Sometimes my boss lets his dog roam around the office. It’s a treat to have Harvard, the toy poodle, brush up against your legs.

2) I love being a vegetarian. I will post a separate entry soon with photos of our past meals, but cutting meat out of my diet has been one of the best choices I ever made. I feel like I’m flushing all the crap out of my system and replacing it with sparkling good stuff like beans, nuts, veggies, fruits and ….wait for it…vitamins! Yes, we started taking multi-vitamins again like good little children.

3) I love Anne Rice. I finally started reading the Vampire Chronicles – something I should’ve done 17 years ago when I first fell in love with the film Interview with the Vampire. That was back when Brad Pitt was at his prime…his hair will never look that good again. I read Violin before jumping into her better known series and I have to say…I like Anne’s earlier writing style better. This author has faced so many hardships in life, but it’s wonderful how she was able to translate all of those life experiences onto the page (i.e. many believe that Rice created the vampire child, Claudia, to help her overcome the loss of her daughter). Her writing is a gift to the world which is not something I can say about all vampire novels.

4) I love Scrabble. It’s part of my nightly routine to play a few rounds before going to bed and I have to say…it’s kind of scary how fiercely competitive I’ve become. Losing a game is like getting flicked in the head or having a ring of children yell “LOSER!” all around you. I’ve lost 3 games so far and each time I curled up in a ball or rocked back and forth to soothe myself. But last night, I landed the BEST word EVER that won me 86 points. The word was “Dentils.” What does it mean? Who cares. All I know is that it’s a word.

5) I love watching Ben play Dead Space in the dark and whimper like a little girl. Priceless.


2 thoughts on “Fabulous February

  1. Missy says:

    I’m glad you love your new job. But they can’t be as cool as us. We don’t have an office dog. but sometimes Izzie comes to visit us ….

    • Missy, not gonna lie. I think about you guys EVERY day. I miss our lunches together. I miss random happenings at the office. I miss Crumb Brothers. I miss dares. I miss Jon walking into the Shark Tank and yelling “What’s up SHARK TANK!” I miss half Fridays. I miss making fun of Kyle’s name. I miss skyping someone in the next room. I miss Kellyn’s cake balls. I miss Missy’s blatant honesty. I miss the quote book. I miss the seven minute drive to work. I miss having a parking spot close to the door. I miss the fashionable twins. I miss getting hyped about Halloween. I miss Todd capturing life on film. I miss being the only Asian in an office. I miss Jon’s clap. I miss Eric’s inscrutable questions. I miss seeing JeAnna and Addy once a month. I miss climbing on a foot stool in the kitchen just so I could reach the pop tarts. I miss having a bathroom that was far away from everyone else in the office. I miss seeing Matt get paid to do crazy shiz.

      I miss….everyone :(

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