So I realized something about myself (which I’ve known for a while). When I smile my mouth looks like this:

Why do I smile like my mouth is a sideways D? I don’t know. I can’t remember how that started. Folks, it’s thoughts like this that keep you up at night.

Am I a woman or a muppet?
What does “OK” actually mean?
Why are my calves so huge?
Ravioli should come in larger portions!
Will birds ever go out of style?
Does anyone NOT like the Harry Potter books?

Also I just had a random thought. If I were a guy, I could discreetly add “(So and so), will you marry me?” as one of the above questions and that could be a way to pop the question. Stupid…but sly.


2 thoughts on “Smile

  1. Tasha says:

    I literally laughed when I saw that muppet. U do smile like that by the way….sometimes u smile like those south park characters too…

    • I knew it! Thanks for the confirmation. Sometimes I’ll smile for the camera and Ben will tell me “Ang, smile for REAL…that’s a fake smile.”

      If you’re ever having a hard day, just picture me imitating Cartman saying “Hey maaaaaa.”

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