Hooting Good Time

This post is pretty late, but last weekend I crossed off one of my life ambitions on my bucket list:

Henna body art. On my arm, courtesy of the talented Kira Rashid (soon-to-be-McQueen). WOO!

Kira was so gracious to invite the office gals to her home and act as hostess/artist. While eating cookies and sipping on wine, we had our arms/wrists/hands decorated in chocolate swirls. There’s nothing quite like the tingling sensation of Eucalyptus oil and lemon juice co-mingling with skin cells! Not only is it completely safe and natural, even for pregnant women’s bellies, but it lasts anywhere from 1-2 weeks. Here are some (very low quality) cell-phone photos.

Right before it starts flaking off. The hardening process takes about 2 hours (the longer you wait the better it turns out).

Someone deserves a free lunch!

That’s my right arm! Very cute owl design (while it was still drying).

After it peeled and was still darkening. At first it’s a bright, high-light orange but after 24 hours the design turns light-brown.

If any of you are considering getting a tattoo but aren’t sure, Henna is a great way to test out a design. Also we learned that black henna is different than natural, brown henna and is absolutely NOT safe; it probably contains para-phenylenediamine, also known as PPD, which can cause blisters, itching, and long-term health hazards. Avoid BLACK HENNA!


One thought on “Hooting Good Time

  1. I love henna! And that owl design is fantastic!

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