I saw this fun infographic on Pinterest (pinned from Try Curiosity!) that recounts most beloved children’s books and the overall importance of literacy which starts from a young age.

This got me thinking about nurseries and the perfect children’s book shelf I’ll set up for my kids if I ever have any. I imagine it looking something like this:

or this…

or even this…

This type of “magazine rack” shelf works particularly well for children’s books which come in a range of awkwardly large and sometimes polly-pocket sizes. Also here’s a tangent, but as I designer I felt compelled to point this out because (like Barney would say on How I Met Your Mother) it’s AWESOME!

Check out the sweet packaging these book ends come in. Zuny hit it right on the spot by placing these creatures in their elements. Literally.

It’s one of those boxes you end up keeping because…it’s beautiful.


3 thoughts on “Literacy

  1. This is great! I actually want to do something similar in my office/studio with design books as those too come in odd sizes as well. Plus the covers are too beautiful most of the time to have hidden.

  2. Very true. A lot of the books I have are Caldecott winners because of their beautiful artwork, but they’re sitting in a corner completely in the dark. I also have a lot of design books and magazines. Another reason why I want a house of our own!

  3. Missy says:

    I loved that infograph. very interesting!

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