Today was yet another beautiful Sunday…and subtly momentous too. Why you ask?

Because I reached 50 children’s books! Elliott by Tobin Sprout was the halfway point to 100 and I can’t help but admire the growing row of colorful bars on my shelf.

My wishlist, which I’ve typed out into a Google docs excel sheet, has reached 273 and counting. I thought about posting it here, but that might be overwhelming considering that I also include the author/illustrator’s names, awards and the year awarded (all color coded of course).

P.S. Sometimes I feel like a freak jumping from one shelf to the next in the children’s section of Half Price Books. Most of the adults (and by most I mean all) have 1-3 kids standing next to them. But I have nothing to fear cause those kids are just interested in the “fun” stuff. Where’s Waldo…I Spy…Goosebumps…things like that.



4 thoughts on “50

  1. Missy says:

    I would love to see a picture of your collection!

  2. JeAnna says:

    Oh, I am JEALOUS!! What a fun collection.

    (and I know what you mean…Addie mostly want to check out Disney from the library which I can’t read more than once because there is very little plot.)

    • Oh Disney! I’m gonna have to re-buy all the movies on DVD because I’m pretty sure the VHS we had as kids are caked in dust…sitting in a black trash bag somewhere in the attic. I will have to buy Addie some books in the future!

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