Motivational Monday: Marchesa

Sometimes when I feel really uninspired, I’ll look up Alexander McQueen’s work and feel MUCH better. Armored headdresses, tuliped gowns, basket-weave hairstyles, winged heels, a helmet made of butterflies…

How does one describe his style? It’s like…Queen Amidala, The Fifth Element and Michelangelo were thrown into a pot with a swan, Cleopatra and a mermaid. Mixed with some crack. Sprinkled with diamonds. One never knew what to expect at an Alexander McQueen runway, but that was the beauty of it. There could be feathers, antlers, clouds, bloated lips and impossibly vertical shoes amidst smoke and rain (literally). He didn’t care if you loved it or hated it, as long as you felt SOMETHING. I’m usually not a fan of the ultra-shock-factor in fashion, but McQueen is an exception. Mainly because when I look at his work, I see nature, history and the future all in one – anything from a military petticoat to a blooming flower. He always kept the audience in mind, making him not only an artist but a storyteller (sometimes the two are synonymous). And I feel like there was always a little darkness to his work, even if the entire dress was made from a garden or a parrot.

While paying tribute to his legacy with the aide of Google images, I stumbled across another designer by the name of Marchesa. She reminds me of McQueen only her work is more delicate and romantic. Her “brand” is known for its lattices of lace, powdered hues, sheer bodices, swooping fringe, gold-leaf details and TONS of tulle. How would I describe her style? Like Aphrodite in the year 3000 living on the moon. Stunning is another word.

Now if only some of these models didn’t look so possessed :)


2 thoughts on “Motivational Monday: Marchesa

  1. Such gorgeous dresses! I’ve never noticed the resemblance between the two designers, but now its almost uncanny. I’ve always loved McQueen, but these Marchesa pieces are so lovely and airy. Great collection!

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