Book Hunt 002

If you asked me what my favorite children’s book of all time was, I’d have to say it’s Peach & Blue by Sarah Kilborne. I’ve been searching for this book for FOUR YEARS and I finally found it today – a paperback version waiting for a home in Value Village. When I saw it, we just stared at each for about five seconds and eventually hugged it out. The illustrations by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher are stunning, but the storyline touches me most of all. A blue-bellied toad meets a Peach who yearns to experience life away from her tree. This book has a more serious tone because it deals with the idea of mortality – Peach knows that she won’t stay ripe forever so Blue helps her explore the natural surroundings and learns a thing or two about life himself. The last page is perfection:

“I wish I could stay here awhile.” (said Peach)
“You can stay here forever, if you like,” said Blue. “I’d like you to.”
“I don’t think I’ll last forever,” said Peach.
“That’s okay,” said Blue. “Not many folks do. But until then, you have me, and I have you.”


One thought on “Book Hunt 002

  1. […] Ben took pity on me and bought me dinner at Mali Thai that night (the restaurant I love to throw money at). Then as always, we heard the siren-call of Half Price Books and found ourselves sifting through shelves. Low and behold, about fifteen minutes in I see the HARDCOVER of my favorite children’s book of all time – Peach & Blue (you can read about the time I found the paper back copy here). […]

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