Motivational Monday: Mason Jars

Everyone loves mason jars. Whether you’re canning fruits, pinning on Pinterest or planning a barn wedding, you are on the mason-jar-love wagon. Why? Cause it takes you back to simpler times – a fond memory of kids playing under the sun, fireflies lazily buzzing around and a farmer sucking on a piece of straw. You’re not from the south you say? Well neither am I but I still think of farmers and barefooted kids for some reason.

Regardless, hipsters and normal folk both love collecting mason jars to hold flowers or leave around the house as decoration. But what fascinates me more than a clear M. jar is a painted one. There’s something so lovely about a matte, gold spray-painted mason jar.

Nothing quite like a pink, champagne and golden wedding in the summer. Makes your heart melt and wish you could get married all over again :)


4 thoughts on “Motivational Monday: Mason Jars

  1. What a great idea. The white ones with the wire handles are my favorite.

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