Legen…wait for it…

Dary. Legendary. That’s how today felt. Why you ask?

1) Work was fun and eventful, full of “bananas” and chocolate cake. But it got even better when I remembered that today was Thursday, not Wednesday.

2) I signed up for a gym membership at LA Fitness. Technically it’s a week-to-week guest pass but whatever. My body has been craving a workout for months. Maybe even years.

3) Used the elliptical (stepper?) for 30 minutes without experiencing any side pains. A major feat.

4) Swam laps in the pool for 20 minutes without drowning or cramping in the leg.

5) Walked the dogs for 15 minutes afterwards because I felt so damn good.

Now…there’s gotta be a downside to this Thursday. I don’t go a day without at least tripping on a sidewalk, dinging my fingernail, dropping food down my bra or stepping in dog poop. So I confess. While I was exiting the swimming pool, I MAY or may not have stepped into the men’s bathroom. Without even thinking or looking for visual signs, I just walked into the first open door while hearing a guy shout (faintly in the background) “Wrong ONE!” Perhaps it was the excess water in my ears…who knows. But I was greeted with an old man bent over in the shower and, instead of thinking “Holy crap, testiclees!” I thought “Aw sad, you really do fall apart when you grow old…that lady’s got stuff hanging down between her legs and I bet she isn’t even sixty.”

Fear not. I was out of there in 6 seconds when my brain functioned rationally again. I gave the guy who shouted the warning an apologetic smile (oopsie!) and tiptoed away towards the right direction. I will not make that mistake again :)


6 thoughts on “Legen…wait for it…

  1. missy says:

    your posts always leave me laughing!!

  2. haha. That is super graphic for my mind. I hope you made a full recovery. :) And way to go at the gym! Work begats work…I always feel like doing more, when I do more.

    • Em, it truly was graphic when realization hit me. Also, I was talking about this with my co-workers but all the Asian ladies walk around fully unclothed in the changing room and I’m not sure how I feel about that. Will I be like that in 20 years? :(

      • Late response. My quick answer. You may be that way in under 10. :) I’m guilty of the crime of changing room nudity. haha!

      • Dude, never thought this would happen so soon but…I too am already guilty. I just don’t care anymore. Hiding in a bathroom stall takes too much effort, and no one around me seems to care.

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