So I have a new guilty pleasure that also turns out to be an alliteration. Ever watched the TV show Drop Dead Diva? Yeah yeah, I’ve turned soft over the years. Anyways, I learned a random fact from one of its episodes regarding cauliflowers. The white, “bloodless” vegetable is technically and botanically….wait for it…..

a flower.

“Just like broccoli, the part of the plant that we eat is the immature flower heads.

The heads of cauliflower you see in the grocery are not flowers yet. They are the flower buds packed very tightly. The flowers, once in bloom, are not particularly showy and they don’t really make a good corsage but you’ll at least have something to eat after the dance.” Thank you wiki answers.

Men, forget the redundant rose. Give your wife a bouquet of cauliflowers – perfect for gals who suffer from allergies and have a hearty appetite.


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