Book Hunt 007

As you can see, I was “very hungry” for Eric Carle books (Haha…anyone? Anyone?!) Also the pancake book really takes the phrase “cooking from scratch” to another level (that kid has to milk his own cow, churn his own butter, pick his own eggs, etc. just to eat a SINGLE pancake). Good lord son. Here’s a nickel…buy yourself a popsicle. Although props to him for teaching (the spoiled kids of America) the importance of hard work and perseverance ;)

But enough about the book hunt. Check out these gracious gifts…

I received David Wiesner’s Flotsam from my sister-in-law Bethany as a birthday gift…WOO!!! Gracias Hermana! These illustrations, which take you on a journey through the lens of a barnacle-encrusted underwater camera, will have you dreaming about giant fish and other weird stuff. Such fantastic illustrations from the same man that brought you Tuesday, The Three Pigs and Sector 7. He’s like…the Al Pacino of children’s book illustrators.

This next bunch was such a lovely surprise from my friend and old colleague Missy! This precious collection flew all the way from Logan, Utah and they’re probably the most antique stuff I have thus far. A series of 12 books by The Golden Hours Library copyrighted in 1957 – the predecessor of the Little Golden Books I’m guessing. So precious in size and aesthetic…everything down to the ornate clock face icon. I held each one in my hand and may or may not have sniffed the pages (like I do with pretty much all books). Thank you Missy!!!


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