Before I started working at True, I knew very little about wine. I had no idea you were supposed to let wine “breathe”, usually in a decanter, before drinking it to soften the tannins and release flavors (five months ago I would’ve been like “Tannins? Derpa, derpa…what’s that?) Back in the dark ages, I’d just pop open a bottle and drink the sucker, bitter sediments and all.

Well no more of that shenanigans! A Seattle-based company called HOST recently designed a variable aerator that allows you to pour wine and aerate it instantaneously. What does that mean for me? Basically I can reach a state of happiness FASTER. Now, I’ve been meaning to write about this product weeks ago, but the hubby and I haven’t bought red wine in such a long time…until today. Between you and I, this Cupcake brand was so-so. I think the check-out lady at Safeway worked it up too much and I was expecting it to taste like the nectar of Olympus. Boo.

So Ben and I did a before-and-after taste test to see if this Deluxe Aerator & Pourer really was, as the Brits say, the bee’s knees. Was I nervous? Well yeah…whenever you test a product that your company helps distribute, you always want it to be a success. On the surface, this product is very attractive and perfect for gifting but does it really make your wine taste better in a matter of seconds?

The answer: YES. I took the first (after) sip and I gotta tell ya…I thought maybe it tasted better because I WANTED it to taste better. The wine was so much smoother and far less bitter. So I made Ben quickly take his second sip and sure enough, he agreed. The product WORKS! No more yucky wines for us.

You can buy HOST’S Deluxe Aerator & Pourer here and learn more about how it works here.

Who knew something out there could make a $9 wine taste like a $24 wine :)


2 thoughts on “Breathe

  1. Erin says:

    Angella! Those are some awesome images!

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