Sunday Funday

Our initial plan was to spend Saturday or Sunday soaking up music at the Capitol Hill Block Party. But upon finding out that it cost $30 per ticket, we decided that perusing through U District (for free) was just as exciting.

And it was! How we spent the afternoon…

– Bought 1 pound of apricots and 2 peaches at the farmers market.
– Found a lovely park where we consumed the apricots and peaches.
– Stared at a bunch of bees pollinating flowers. This lasted for 5-7 minutes.
– Walked up and down Broadway while people-watching. Enjoyed the lovely costumes that people wear for fun outside of Halloween.
– Enjoyed a cup of iced Chai Tea Latte which, to my dismay, had 10% foam, 25% liquid, and 65% ice.
– Stopped in the middle of a sidewalk so we could learn how to dance the rumba from a series of bronze-cast footprints. I was reminded, yet again, that I can not dance. Even with a step-by-step tutorial, literally.

– Found a veggie bar that looked like a dungeon on the inside. Noticed that the group sitting behind us were dressed as squirrels. Fun or fetish? We will never know.
– Had so much fun we didn’t take any photos save the one below. I believe those are sea otters.


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