I spy…

A good friend and old colleague of mine, Becky, came up with a brilliant idea – spy on your dog while you’re at work using Skype! Maybe you’ve done this already, maybe you haven’t. But it WORKS and you’ll get a good laugh at the silly (or boring) things your animals do when you’re out of sight. Below is an infographic that I designed giving you step by step instructions on how to be a sneaky human. Thanks Becky for the oober fun project!

So what ARE Curie and Voltaire up to when the parentals are gone? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. They just lie there on the couch, curled up in their separate corners, sleeping for eight hours (on top of the eight hours of sleep they already got the night before). The first time I spied on them, each one got up once to get a drink of water and Voltaire rolled on the carpet to scratch his back (he kicks his legs in the air while doing it…super cute). Just once did Voltaire do something naughty by jumping on the living room round table to sniff some papers. But that’s it. No secret party with rodents. No tug of war with mommy’s panty. No speaking out loud in plain human voices like in Toy Story. Doggone it doggies, stop being so good!


15 thoughts on “I spy…

  1. Nic says:

    Angella, this is so great! I just pinned it and I am definitely going to try this very soon :)

  2. clarkbecca says:

    Angella, you are brilliant. I just love this :)

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  4. missy says:

    keep watching. Maybe they will eat more skittles?

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  7. Suzi Martel says:

    This is such a great idea and cute infographic! Thanks for creating it. I’ve used Skype with my dog so my brother could visit with her while he was in the hospital. He loved it, she didn’t quite get it ha ha. May I share this on my blog? I promise to give credit where credit is due and link back here. Thanks.

  8. […] family! Looks like she called in a couple of recruits too, Angella Watterson and Rebecca Clark from The Thought Pantry – rats! Must be some kind of spy […]

  9. bethmess says:

    Reblogged this on bethmess and commented:
    unrelated to the main topic of my blog, but BRILLIANT. i am definitely going to spy on my cat.

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