Make an Impression

As part of Ben’s birthday gift, I designed him a stamp so that he can brand each of his books (his collection is quite impressive…we’re running out of space fast!) I thought it would be pretty cool to pass these books on to our kids, grandkids, etc. and for them to know where it originated from.

Each custom stamp (with a wooden handle) is pretty inexpensive and I received the finished product in less than four days. Impress did an excellent job! Also it’s dangerous walking into their store. Aside from stamps, they have a wide range of envelopes, strings, ribbons, pens and paper products that glistened before my eyes. I struggled not to buy everything in sight.


7 thoughts on “Make an Impression

  1. Shannon says:

    That’s SO cool. Scott would love one of those.

  2. That is a fantastic idea. Now we know what to get Scott!

  3. Caren says:

    OH MY GOSH! SO AWESOME! Scott and I were drooling over this! You are SO talented! I love it! Now you need to do a cute one for your children books!!!

  4. JeAnna says:

    I LOVE this!! Thanks for the font advice, too.

  5. missy says:

    It’s lovely!!

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