Bead Up

Some people suit up…some people bead up.

Back track. I’m always amazed at how many talented people there are in my life. Forget inspirational blogs cause my family and friends are the shiiiii (no not shingles). They draw and paint like it’s nobody’s business. They wiggle their fingers and beautiful sounds erupt out of funny looking instruments. Their cooking demands that a new restaurant be opened up. So luckily for you guys, my friend and colleague (Erin who I like to call Ewin) set up shop here on Etsy and is now selling her handmade jewelry! She designs wine accessories by day and delightful trinkets by night – a dabbler of the arts.




These beauties are hand-twisted, hand-flattened and hand-beaded with love and perfection. Yes, some people take the time to lace microscopic beads onto a string one by one until they look like THAT. Cool huh? So for the guys who flopped on last year’s Valentine’s gift – you know what to do. Ladies who deserve a treat…you work too hard and look too pretty not to have one of these hanging off your ears.



Remember what Adam Glassman (Oprah’s old creative director) said about accessorizing: “Try wearing just one big, memorable piece. A wide cuff (or earrings in the semblance of peacock feathers) can easily become your calling card.” ;)


4 thoughts on “Bead Up

  1. Angella. I love you. Also, you should help me write copy for my Etsy page!! Jewelry as payment??? :)

  2. Tasha says:

    Ang, these earrings are gorgeous! I want more dangly earrings T-T taryn will definitely be motivated to make her bead earrings again when she sees this..

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