Book Hunt 10 & 11

I was having a pretty cruddy Friday two days ago (an oxymoron) after finding out that the short sale house we’ve been trying to buy for over 60 days fell through and we wouldn’t be getting it afterall. It’s the third house we’ve put an offer on (we put an offer on a fourth while waiting for this one which we also didn’t get) and needless to say, it’s been a loooong and difficult process. Six months and 68 houses later, we are still looking.

Ben took pity on me and bought me dinner at Mali Thai that night (the restaurant I love to throw money at). Then as always, we heard the siren-call of Half Price Books and found ourselves sifting through shelves. Low and behold, about fifteen minutes in I see the HARDCOVER of my favorite children’s book of all time – Peach & Blue (you can read about the time I found the paper back copy here).

Well, this changed everything. I was giddy and smiling like an idiot. I couldn’t stop smiling. I wanted the whole store to know what I found and how long I’ve been looking for it. I pranced over to where Ben was standing and paraded the book in front of him. Who cares about not getting the house…I got this book for $3.99! Amongst other things :)



The search for houses continues, but the search for this gem is OVA!


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