House Shmouse

Guys, I’ve been so busy with home improvements. Incredibly. Busy. So much so that:


1) My feet THROB (nay, it has a pulsing heart beat) from squatting in awkward painting-positions. Most recently I’ve been working on my art room closet and the last things left to paint are the doors which we’ve removed and lay on the floor. I now have to trickily walk around them without getting paint everywhere. But did I mention that room is teeny tiny and I have clumsy hobbit feet?

2) My back gave out while I was painting an old dresser in the garage and I literally fell to the floor (slowly and dramatically), ending in a sort of crumpled fetal position for 30 sec  – 1 minute. The door was open so I’m sure my passing neighbors thought I was insane. Or felt incredibly sorry for me. “There’s that girl again…always leaving her house in strange costumes or lying on dirty floors…what’s she do for a living? Entertainment business you say? Hum bug…mumble mumble.”


But I’m done ranting about my 1st world problems and will proclaim to the world for the millionth time how excited and happy I am to own a home. I can put up frames without asking for permission, what?! Also whenever I start a new H.I. project, I seem to dive RIGHT in and only realize halfway that I haven’t taken any pictures for the blog. Doh! But in the meantime, while you wait patiently, I’ll leave you with this photo of a “mysterious” box (not so mysterious because the artwork gives it away). Don’t look too close! Squint if you must. But know that it holds something amazing for my art room. Photos to come!




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