Go out with a bang.

So I finally made the cut. I’ve been wanting this hair style for months and months now but was told “no it wouldn’t look good on you” or “no your forehead is too small.” But I said ahhh, uck em and got….


Bangs :)



The kind I haven’t had since the second grade. I fricken love it. Much to Ben’s surprise, he likes it too. What was that honey? You were…wrong? Ah, the sweet roar of success. It feels good to see your vision match reality…not to mention I feel more Asian than ever.


Also this illustration by Denise van Leeuwen really spoke to me. If you have pups, you’ve all been there. Hide yo bras, hide yo panties and hide yo socks cuz they’re chewin’ errything out here.




One thought on “Go out with a bang.

  1. zoesays says:

    Super cute! Also, I love the reference to the Bed Intruder Song. (I may or may not have it as a special ring tone.)

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