Aqua & Gold


My sister-in-law fell in love and is getting married in November. It will be (a qua)int and golden occasion (aqua is her main color with accents of gold…can you tell how hard I tried with that pun?)

As a lady, this meant one very important thing…


Tiiiiime to shop for an outfit!

Finding an aqua dress proved to be the hardest part for some reason, but I bought one online and it just arrived today! Looks just like the photo and it fits great (I just have to remember not to overeat that day…tricky tricky). I’ll be adding a golden belt as a garnish along with the rest of these accessories.

Aqua Wedding

Retro Polka Dot Tights – Forever21 – $7.80

Vintage Inspired Lace Overlay Dress in Turquoise – Lily Boutique – $42.00

Lion Parade Bracelet – Forever21 – $6.80

Classic Chain-Link Bracelet – Forever 21 – $8.80

Classic Curb Chain Bracelet – Forever21 – $10.80

Glam Bejeweled Necklace – Forever21 – $12.80

Gold/Black Strappy Heels – Love Culture – $24.95

Chain & Elastic Belt (not shown) – Love Culture – $6.95


As you can see, I purchased most of these through Forever21. You can find spectacular jewelry there that give your outfit just enough pop for amazing prices. We’ll see how it all comes together next month!


Here’s how it turned out! ‘Twas a beeaaauuuutiful November day, not a cloud or snowflake in sight (which is miraculous for Utah). We were surrounded by family and a bride & groom who couldn’t stop looking at each other :) It was perfect.



2 thoughts on “Aqua & Gold

  1. lovenyla says:

    ~Very cute! Love that color!~

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