Beauty Without Bunnies

So here’s an issue that I wanted to share with anyone who might not be aware. As most of you know, I’m a (somewhat passive but still passionate) advocate of animal rights. I love bunnies, chipmunks, cows, goats, whales, dolphins and even snakes with a fervor (who doesn’t like fluffy things…even WITH allergies?) and have watched a fair share of animal documentaries to keep myself educated about issues and current events. I became a vegetarian on December 31, 2011 after watching the eye-opening documentary Earthlings and have tried to be more consistent with my lifestyle and moral philosophies which is precisely why I’m so disappointed in myself for figuring this out so late.



I’ve been a fan of M.A.C. and Estee Lauder cosmetics for MANY years now, since late high school. Before I even knew how to properly apply eyeliner (shudder). Until recently, I didn’t do any research regarding these companies and their roles in animal testing because…I just simply didn’t THINK about it. I was ignorant. Makeup is still tested on moving things – wha? Isn’t there like…alternative testing that scientists can do on artificial skin and stuff? (Answer: yes that’s the sad part) I was busy being a vegetarian and helping animals that way and I rather liked the way M.A.C.’s Studio Fix foundation felt like silk on my skin…how vibrant their eye shadows looked…how Estee Lauder’s midnight blue eye pencil made me feel like an Egyptian queen. Twas all PERFECT for Halloween! Ironic and sad because the whole time I was still contributing to a problem that I adamantly opposed in a form I just didn’t think about.

As most of you know, M.A.C. was bought out by Estee Lauder in 1998. A lot of people weren’t happy about that because E.L. has a reputation for openly testing on animals and M.A.C. (though they claimed to still be cruelty free) did not deny that they still tested on animals when required by law (according to Logical Harmony’s testament/blog post which recounts her email reply back from M.A.C.) That simply means that even though they claim to be cruelty-free (which any company can claim just like food companies with the word “organic”) they can still buy their ingredients from not-so-cruel-free sources or still sell to countries like China which do require testing. Of course there’s no absolute way to verify who here is providing 100% truth, but the fact that M.A.C. is even affiliated with E.L. leads me to believe that there is a chance that they test on animals. This I can not support. I’ve therefore ceased buying all M.A.C. and Estee Lauder products indefinitely. It’s time to find something else!



I know not everyone shares my views and enthusiasm for animal rights which is okay. We all have different priorities, concerns and life passions. But I hope that as much as possible, the public becomes something that is comprised of educated, compassionate shoppers (since we are a country eager to consume) and we never hesitate to ask questions or be skeptical about issues, claims, etc. Know what you’re buying and what you may (even unknowingly) be supporting/contributing to. Spread the word about stuff. Don’t be afraid to talk about things (fear of discussion is the killer of progression!)


* No bunnies were harmed in the making of this blog post :)


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