Hair evolution.

So over the past few months, my hair has been going through some…changes. It’s like I’ve been changing the hue/saturation levels and every few weeks, the lower half of my hair is a different color. I’ve been loving it despite the fact that I had to bleach it 5x times in order for any colors to show, but after I got it down to a light blonde (platinum in some areas) that’s when I went full fledge with the hot pink, lavender and blue. Check it:


Here’s what it looked like after the teal faded. The green eventually started to look…seaweed-ish…so that’s when I started bleaching it. Let me tell you – green was the absolute most DIFFICULT color to eliminate and I just about tried everything imaginable including Dawn dish soap. Eventually I just had to add color on top of the slight green residue. I’m still not 100% certain the green is out :)





Here’s what it looked after the many times I bleached it. The hardest part was trying to maintain the “ombre” effect that Rudy’s Barber Shop gave me the very first time I dyed my hair purple. The more I bleached the lower half, the more the middle section lost its ombre-effect. I must say, the ladies at Sally’s Beauty Supply were VERY helpful when I asked what materials to use if I was bleaching my hair at home by myself. To bleach my very dark Asian hair, I mixed the following chemicals into a plastic mixing bowl:

– Clairol Professional 7th Stage Creme Hair Lightener (2 fluid oz)

– Clairol Professional 7th Stage Lightening Activators (3 packets, each one is 0.5 oz)

– 20 or 30 Volume Clear Developer (4 fluid oz)

I applied this mixture to the lower half of my hair within the span of 1.5 months (anywhere from 30-180 minutes at a time…the bottle warns you NOT to leave it for over 60 minutes depending on your hair type). Everyone’s hair texture and strength is different so if you do this, you MUST check your hair frequently in the mirror to make sure you don’t overdo it. Also if your hair is naturally weak, don’t do what I did and bleach it 5x :) I knew my hair could handle it.

If you have very dark hair and notice that it becomes yellow/orange after bleaching, try toning it (to eliminate the warm tones and add cool tones for a silvery effect) with something like Wella Color Charm 10A (Frosty Ash).



blonde blonde2



To be honest, my goal was to go full on Targaryen and wreak white-silver havoc on my hair. But alas, that proved too hard because I would’ve had to bleach/tone my hair a 2+ more times (nahhhhh). So I added hot pink to the back instead. I looked like a Neapolitan ice cream! The trio-combo looked cool in a fishtail braid.


10300153_10154110981660646_6822597779360337503_n pink  pink2




Alas, the pink faded and I knew what color I wanted to try next. My favorite color (and also the loveliest scent in the world)…LAVENDER! This was my favorite one so far.

purple1 purple2

purple3 purple4



Here is the most current color which I did just last week. For some reason, electric/ocean blue seems like the most rebellious color out there. Not sure why. Guess it’s the farthest departure from any of the natural hair colors! As to what color I’ll try next, who knows. I might just dye it back to black, lop it all off, or do a mixture. Still got some tubes of teal, fuschia and blue in my drawer ;)


IMG_2701 blue2



3 thoughts on “Hair evolution.

  1. missy says:

    my favorite is blue – love it!

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