Lovely lumps.

A facebook friend posted this video and it’s quite brilliant. Check it.



It’s funny but sad that this is a thing. Our expectations of physical attraction translate to stupidly basic stuff like carrots and potatoes. And I must confess – I have been guilty of this many times. I often catch myself in the produce section picking up an apple and and putting it down because:


1) I learned as a child that (for some reason) that’s what adults do. They pick up fruits and put them down before deciding which ones are worthy to eat. Why? I haven’t got a clue. Because taking a watermelon and rolling it down the floor to test it proves that…the floor is uneven? A peach with flawless skin contains…50% more vitamin C? (I can just hear Arnold’s voice saying “I like to pick it up and put it down”).

2) It is an absolute FACT that a fruit or veggie’s deliciousness and nutritious healing powers can ONLY be derived from the perfection of its skin, lack of bumps & bruises, and stereotypical figure. Said no one ever.

natural-fruits-vegetables-uli-westphal- natural-fruits-vegetables-uli-westphal-carrot





(Photos by artist Uli Westphal)
Besides, have you ever seen a fruit or veggie that was SO perfect it gave you shivers? Well it should. It can’t be trusted. Just a couple months back, I was buying bags of carrots to feed ponies and realized that the organic carrots were half the size and width of non-organic carrots. It made me think “Whoa, Mr. Carrot on the left, why ARE you so abnormally large, orange and perfect? What have they done to you, hmm?” Before I realized they had been genetically poked and prodded with chemicals and early forms of cancer. Better take the carrots on the right.

Also deep down inside, you LOVE to root for the under dog. The ugly, twisted and tangled radish that cries “Pick me! Just give me a chance. I won’t let you down” or the double headed strawberry that whispers in a soft voice “I may be lumpy on the outside but I’m twice as sweet on the inside!”

I just wish the project in the video was available in grocery stores across the nation. Cause those ugly fruits sure are kind to your wallet :)


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